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The Hobbit Hole

Middle Earth

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The Low-down on the Hobbits of the Fellowship:

the many hotnesses of frodo

Name: Frodo Baggins, son to Primula and Drogo Baggins
My Nicknames: Mister Frodo, Mister Baggins,  Fro, Afro, Fro-yo, Frodie, Baggins Boy.
Played By: Elijah Wood, ages 18-20/21
Ironically...Elijah is the youngest of the hobbits; Frodo is the oldest.
Personality: quiet, reserved, good friend, determined.
What Peter made me say a lot: "Oh Sam!"
I got this from; a personality quiz I took.
You are most like
Frodo Baggins
With many acquaitenances, Frodo is deeply attached to a few people, like Bilbo, Aragorn, Gandalf, and Sam. His high ethics come out in his treatment of Gollum and Saruman. Frodo has pity on Gollum and believes that change can occur.

You have a strong personal morality. You are committed to relationships and their growth. You tend to be an idealist, believing the best of the world around you. Time alone is important and solitary activities refresh you. You have a tendency to introspection. While providing compassion and being considerate, you may have the tendency of being soft-hearted or even "too emotional" You like keeping your options open. Closure is probably not one of your strong suits.

The Orcs display the evil side of this personality with their lengthy torture methods.

Traits: Empathic, benevolent, looking to the future. On the dark side you could be sadistic.


Name: Samwise Gamgee
my nicknames:  O Sam, Sammy, Samson of hamfast.
Played By: Sean Astin at ages 28-30/31
Personality:  loyal, amazingly devoted friend, innocent, genuine, compassionate, wants justice, distrusts Gollum from the beginning.
What Peter made me say a lot:
"Mister Frodo!"                 


Name: Meriadoc Brandybuck
AKA: Merry, Mary, Brandy makes me merry, Doc
Person who plays me: Dominic Monaghan
Ages they played me: 22-24/25
Personality: The wiser of the two silly hobbits, Merry is innocent at the beginning, just having fun blowing up parties, trespassing, and stealing vegetables, however he becomes much less innocent when he gets a sword...:P
Memorable Line: "My tomato's burst.."


Name: Peregrine Took
my nicknames: Pippin, Pip, Pipsqueak, Piper, Pomegranite..
Played By: Billy Boyd
Who was in the ages of : early-early mid 30's 
Ironically...  Billy is the oldest of the Hobbits; Pippin is the youngest.
Youngest of hobbits, gullible, curious, fun loving, good natured, hobbity-hobbit. He sometimes doesn't have good sense though, ie : the many proclamations of "FOOL of a Took!" 
What Peter made me say a lot: "What's that?" "What's going on?" "OOh!"