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Middle Earth

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Character Descriptions

Aragorn and more up soon!!!

Frodo expresses doubt throughout the books and movies. When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before he was arrested, he was tempted. As he came as a man, the urge not to die, was overwhelming. He prayed to the Father for strength and confirmation that his death was the only way to save the sins of the world. Just like Jesus, Frodo wonders, Why did this have to happen to me? I wish this never happened. Is it the only way?

Sam and Rosie
Sam can be related to many different things. First, as a friend.
Sam's most evident quality, is his loyalty. His extreme devotion and love for Frodo, is a model for all friendships. He is even willing to give his life for Frodo. Second, he can be related to Christ. Jesus gave his life for his friends--us! He loves us so much, that he went all the way to death and back for us, just like Sam did. The third aspect is his relationship with Rosie Cotton.
Rosie waits for Sam to come back from his journey, remaining devoted to him, though they weren't even married. Like Rosie waiting for Sam, Christian believers are the bride of Christ, waiting for Him to come back again to earth, so we can be united in Heaven with Him forever. At the end, after Rosie and Sam are married, they remain with eachother till the end.
Note *(Sam leaves to the Grey Havens after Rosie dies, but the same principal exists).*

Gollum is a perfect example of a corrupted person. The ring, his addiction and obsession, consumes his mind, to where he thinks about nothing else. Drug and alcohol addictions, Eating Disorders, and Pornography all involve the same intense attachment and longing. Gollum's only motive in life is to have the ring for himself. The ring can represent many things: money, success,  the perfect body, popularity, fulfillment, love. Smeagol has his own alter-ego, Gollum, who embodies his desire for the ring. Gollum is the only one who understands him, drives him, and even "loves" him. Gollum represents our own inner demons, who tempt us to go down a certain path, or think a certain way. When Frodo loves Smeagol, Smeagol is temporarily changed, until he thinks Frodo betrays him, and once again, Gollum is always there to tell Smeagol lies. The ring, just like our own addictions, will always betray us and lead us to death.

Just like God gives comfort and strength to Jesus, Gandalf spoke words of wisdom to Frodo. Gandalf tells Frodo that he is meant to carry the ring, just as Jesus was meant to carry the sins of the world.
Gandalf is a father figure to nearly everyone he meets. He cares for, provides, and is a guide to all his friends. God cares for and guides His children in the same way.
But Gandalf is not liked by everyone. Just as people oppose God, and call him names, so do characters in the Lord of the Rings, to Gandalf. Grima Wormtongue, calls Gandalf "Bad news". All friends of Sauron oppose Gandalf, just like friends of Satan oppose the Lord. Anyone who is not for God, is in essence, friends with the Devil. The ents had to pick a side in the end, as they would be destroyed if they didn't.

Sauron and Saruman
Satan at one time was an angel named Lucifer. When he rebelled against God, he took 1/3 of the angels in Heaven with him to Hell. Just like Sauron opposes Gandalf and everything he stands for, Satan opposes God and everything Godly. Sauron has his followers too. Satan deceived those angels to come to his side, and Sauron deceived Saruman to come to his side.

Faramir loves Denethor, his father, even though his father does not show him love. Not all fathers in this world, love their children either. Abuse and neglect are rampant, in many families. But Faramir, unlike in our world, loves, respects, and honors his father, no matter what. Just like Jesus said to "Love your enemies" and "Turn the other cheek", Faramir forgives and does all he can to please his father. When we have family members who don't love us like they should, we need to love them back, and treat them as Jesus would. Our parents deserve our respect, regardless of how they treat us.