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Middle Earth

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What and Why...

Red Book, Turning

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, was written by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien(1892-1973) in 1954-1955. He was a professor  at Oxford University among other things, when he first wrote The Hobbit in 1936. (For strictly movie fans, The Hobbit, was Bilbo's story, you know at the beginning of FOTR). Anyway, this was such a success, that he continued the series of books. Thank God, because we adore them!
The Reasons I Love Lord of the Rings:
1. Middle Earth- a seperate and beautiful reality
2. The Creatures- from graceful angelic elves, to friendly carefree hobbits, everyone has a favorite that seem so magical.
3. Speaking of, Magic!- A requisite with fantasy, magic makes the books much more surreal.
4. Good vs. Evil- the same struggle of mankind. Though those lines are more removed today.
5. Cute little Hobbitses!- C'mon, you got to admit that those big eyes, curly hair, and rosy cheeks are adorable.
6. Happiness- I love to escape in how everything is so ..happy and carefree in Middle Earth.
7. Royalty- Everyone loves stories about Kings and Queens.
8. Love- Arwen and Aragorn, Eowyn and Faramir, Sam and Rosie..
9. The Languages- from the way Tolkien writes in his old-English style,( hallo!, cheek), to the actual languages he made up- ex. Elvish, the words are unique and intriguing.
10. Bill the Pony- he seems to be a filler character, but that's because he couldn't prove himself in that 5 minute scene in the movie.
11. The Integrity- Except for the bad guys, every character has a sense of honor, duty, devotion, sacrifice, and courage.
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