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Jars of Clay of course!

If you don't know who Jars of Clay is, then you are missing out on one of the few joys of life! But your in luck, because you found this page, where I will fill you in!
If you are a fan already, then maybe you should email me so we can talk about this uber-awesome band!
Below is some basic information and links plus pictures I love of these sexy guys;) (don't worry, my intentions are honorable).

Okay, so the 4 met in Greenville College in Illinois. Then they..well just go


Here is a page of a few interviews I found. Some of them are funny to read now...


My funny Jars of Clay Stories Page will be up in the near future...

2005 Concert Dates

Mar 02/Wed Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines Araneta Coliseum
Mar 04/Fri Upland, IN, USA Taylor University
Mar 05/Sat Peoria, IL, USA Peoria Civic Center
Mar 11/Fri , Australia
Mar 12/Sat , Australia
Mar 13/Sun , Australia
Mar 19/Sat Canton, OH, USA Malone College
Mar 25/Fri Austell, GA, USA Six Flags Over Georgia
Apr 08/Fri Harrisonburg, VA, USA JMU Convocation Center
Apr 09/Sat Azusa, CA, USA Felix Event Center                           
Apr 16/Sat Durham, NC, USA American Tobacco Amphitheater
Apr 20/Wed Augusta, GA, USA Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center
Apr 24/Sun Fayetteville, AR, USA Harvest Crusade
Apr 30/Sat Austin, TX, USA University of Texas
May 04/Wed Athens, GA, USA University of Georgia
Jun 10/Fri Hershey, PA, USA Giant Center
Jul 03/Sun Marietta, IL, USA Cornerstone Farm
Jul 16/Sat Rapid City, SD, USA Hills Alive Fest -Memorial Park
Jul 17/Sun Anaheim, CA, USA Anaheim Stadium
Aug 05/Fri Gilford, NH, USA Gunstock Ski, Camping and Recreation Area
Aug 06/Sat Hot Springs, AR, USA Magic Springs Theme Park
Aug 07/Sun Decatur, IL, USA Christian Music Stage
Aug 13/Sat Muskegon, MI, USA Unity Fest - Heritage Landing
Sep 09/Fri Orlando, FL, USA Rock The Universal Festival
Oct 01/Sat

My First Jars Concert Experience
I got to write this down before I forget. So the concert I saw on November 19, 2004 at Bayside Church in Roseville. I went with my 3 best friends, and we sat in the bleacher seats. From my memory, Jars played..
 ( this is in somewhat the order i remember)
Sunny Days
I'm Alright (this one got a cheer from the crowd, but it was definitely not as good without the background gospel singers..)
Amazing Grace
Love Song For a Saviour
Show You Love
Lonely People-
(I remember this one because the college crowd cheered when Dan sang, "this is for all the single people.." and he said afterwards that that was the biggest response that they had gotten on the tour. Lol! My friends and i were laughing as being part of that response hehe. Dan also said that their British lady friend called the part "drink from the silver cup" rubbish ;) )
I Need You
Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet
I'll Fly Away  with Sarah Kelley! ( they ended with this one)
Here is the remaining set list of songs I didn't remember them playing, from another person at the concert:

Trouble Is

Lesser Things

Jealous Kind

Frail (I love this song! But i don't remember them playing it..I think it's because it's not very concert friendly without the strings.)

God Will Lift Your Head


Show You Love



One song that I was extremely dissappointed that they didn't play, was my ultimate favorite song,( that I heard is a staple at Jars' concerts also),
Worlds Apart!
Can you  believe it? My favorite song that they supposedly usually play, they didn't play this time.Oh well. I'm not complaining really.I am and was so happy during the concert they could've played any song and I would've been content!Overall, 41/2 out of 5 stars. The main reason being, sans Charlie! :(