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My creative side...

My Proverb of the Month~
If you see the beauty in others, their faults will not seem so intrusive.

I have developed a strange fetish with coffee lately. Yum yum in my tum tum. Here's my unique recipe, shh! don't tell anyone!
1 cup Starbucks Christmas blend coffee
1/4 cup skim milk
1 tbsp. Splenda sugar
lots of cinnamon
1/2 tbsp. red. sugar vanilla creamer or 1 tsp. regular
1/2 tsp. vanilla if you wish
Yum i say. My mom thinks it's nasty though. Too each his own...

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I walk into this room.

And see your reflection

in every direction,

You are inescapable.

In this place i call my heart,

there are many, many rooms.

Each one is filled with the love

I carry for,

these people and of you.

In my inmost being,

it's hard to put it into words,

the inescapable feelings

that associate with these parts

of my heart.

Oh God your all around me,

in every person and song,

Your reflection of beauty,

I see in every picture, and sound.

This art you put in me, I see,

Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish,

the master from the creation.

Your beauty makes me hunger,

for more of it every day,

I can never get enough of your melody,

I can never get enough of your dance.


The journey we are taking, is

Like a prelude of a melody,

You never know where it may lead.

I’ll Never know where it may lead.

I come to a point on the road,

Where I am broken and lost.

I don’t want to go anywhere.

But just please carry me back home.


A Prayer to my Savior~

What I want to do is sacrifice,

All these things to your burning altar,

Bring them before you every day.

I can never do this on my own.

I need your strength to help me see that,

I’m living for you and not this world.

Take these things away from me,

But Please just hold them in my soul,

I don’t want to walk down the wrong path,

Pursuing mortality instead of you.

If you will hold these in your hands,

I can run after you,

And see your beauty in these pleasures,

Instead of letting beauty become my pleasure.

"Lost Without You"

a Psalm~

Jesus is there

right by my side,

Holding me tight,

he never lets me go,

sometimes i will try

to pry myself away,

and when i succeed,

i may run away

but he is always there,

running right beside me,

i can never be far

from his presence.

and without him,

i'd be stuck in the mud of sin,

so, when trouble surrounds me,

when i feel so lost,

i don't know where to go,

and who to trust?

all i want to do,

is run to you,

to my Father,

to my daddy.

i run into your arms,

and let all the tears

and pain flow out into you.

you accept them gladly,

and hush all my fears,

you will never let me go...

November 22, 2004

"Living Water"

When will it ever be enough?

When can i find,

That nothing in this world,

Will satisfy.

There's a deep deep hole,

In my soul,

That only thing can fill.

It's your love,

It's your peace,

It's your joy,

It's you,


Why i do i do,

Only what i don't want to?

How could i think,

That these things could replace you?

My heart longs,

For something new.

Something pure, and always true.

It's your love,

It's your peace,

It's your joy,

Its' you,