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Diet and Excercise Tips!

*note: These are just my own personal reflections. I am not a professional doctor or have a degree in any health related fields. I read a lot on these topics, and use my own experiences. That is the only basis for these tips, please do not use them if they do not apply to you! :) *
My favorite Healthy Foods~

Tofu Dogs:
Nutrition: Packed with soy protein, and only 50 calories!
Opinion: I have one a day. The only drawback is that they have 10% sodium, so i would just suggest having only 1 a day for this reason. 
Flavor: They're like smoky flavored tofu, but with a soft hot dog texture.
Suggested Brands: There is a couple brands out there. Try the vegan, no GMO, no gluten kinds.
Natural Fruit Juices/Smoothies:
Nutrition: Usually 100-200 calories per 8fl.oz serving. There is one to two servings per bottle, depending on the brand you get. An abundance of Vitamin A and/or C, plus calcium if you get a smoothie!
Opinion: A great choice for on the run, when you don't want to cut up an apple or wash off fruit. Plus, who doesn't like the sweet taste? Lots of options depending on your mood. A good lunch or breakfast choice if you are on the run. Or a good addition to a salad for dinner.
Flavor: Practically any kind of fruit you can think of, they have a juice/smoothie for.
Suggested Brands: Jamba Juice Enlightened smoothies, Odwalla juices and smoothies, Naked brand juices and smoothies.
Nutrition: The Orville Redenbacher's Butter Light kind is fantastic. 8% fat, but only 100 calories for a whole bag, and 16% fiber. Opinion: Popcorn is so yummy, and healthy if you get the right kind. A wonderful snack to watch a movie with. But because it's not low fat, watch your fat intake for the rest of the day.
Flavor: Everyone knows what it tastes like!
Suggested Brands: The only brand i like is Orville Redenbachers, so that is the only one I can suggest!
Vegetable Soup:
You can make your own, or buy the canned or cup kind.
Campbell's and Progresso Vegetable soups are good, if you limit your sodium for the rest of the day, or share the can and have something else with it. In the natural foods section, Health Valley and Blue Nile have some good flavors with a lot less sodium than the canned kinds- the drawback is less vitamins.


Cardio~ Everyone should do some type of cardiovascular excercise every day. It keeps your blood moving, heart pumping, mind clear, and spirit up!
Types to try:
At the gym: stationary bikes, treadmills (running or walking, with incline, without incline, fast, or slow), elyptical machines, stairclimbers, tennis, basketball, swimming, aerobic classes, step classes, kickboxing classes, dance classes, sport conditioning classes.
At home: jogging around your house inside, jogging up your staircase, calisthenics ( jumping jacks, military-like movements), jumping rope, fitness videos (Tae-bo, dance, aeorbics), tred mill, rebounders.
Outside: biking, power walking, jogging at a track or around your block, rollerblading (depending where you live!), ice skating at a rink.
Work your muscles!~ Resistance training is essential 2-3 times a week, especially if you are an athlete or have weak bone mass. It keeps your muscles strong so you can further yourself in cardio! Plus it raises your metabolism.
Types to try:
At the gym: weight machines, dumbells, free weights, pull up machines, stability balls.
At home: stability balls, free weights, home gyms, resistance bands, ankle weights.
Outside: use steps for tricep dips and step ups, and use walls for squats.

Meditation/Relaxing/Stretching Movements~ Stretching is the only way you can get your muscles to be elogonated! It prevents you from injuries and makes you feel good.
Types to try:
At the Gym or home: Yoga class, or videos; Pilates machines or on a mat.
Outside: Stretch your calves by lowering one heel on the edge of a curb. I do this before every run at the track! It is a great stretch.

5 Necessary Fitness and Diet Tools :
1. A plan- writing in a journal what I am going to eat the next day, and what my excercise goals for the week are, is the best way i have found to make sure i don't get off track.
2. Music- Listening to music while i run on the tredmill or jump rope, is the only way to keep motivated! Loud, upbeat music is the best.
3. Workout Clothes you like- If you don't have any cute workout clothes, then you might not be motivated to workout (this is for girls mainly!).
4. A junk food free kitchen- Keeping junk food out of your house, is the best way for people like me who have trouble controlling themselves! Fill your kitchen with healthy yummy food, and you will not be deprived, and will still be healthy!
5. Exercise videos- Sometimes you don't feel like running on the tred mill. Exercise videos help me because the instructor motivates me with their positive upbeat attitude, and push me to keep working and not give up. Plus the videos are super fun and you never get tired of them!